I Help You to Refine and Develop Your Manuscript

My name is Helena Hansen and I work as a developmental editor of English and Swedish fiction and non-fiction book manuscripts. I am also a book coach for English and Swedish speaking writers. In Swedish I work as an editor and a ghostwriter as well. I lead writing workshops and other courses in creative writing on a regular basis, and from time to time I work as a university lecturer in creative writing at one of Sweden's universities.

Since 2008, I have lived in Paris, France, with my husband and our two cats.

The passion for literature has always been there. I have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Lund University in Sweden and a Master in Literary Studies from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. My major at the Sorbonne was literature focusing on questions about gender and post-colonialism.

I also became a certified developmental editor in 2016 upon graduation from the first and only developmental editor program in Sweden, which existed until 2020.

I have also studied art history, media and communication studies and other courses in creative writing at the university level. 

I have solid knowledge in text analysis and my education also allows me to put myself in the role of the author.

In 2005, I started as an editor and since then I have been working with texts in various forms, including as a web editor and journalist, copywriter, translator, proofreader and reviewer, and as a writer of my own texts.

Among other things, I have contributed to several chapters in the Swedish writing manuals “Fängsla dina läsare” (“Capture your readers”) and “Överraska dina läsare” (“Surprise your readers”), where the former is used in university-level creative writing courses. Both books are published by Chill Textstudio.