I Help You to Refine and Develop Your Manuscript

Mitt namn är Helena Hansen och jag arbetar som lektör, manusutvecklare, redaktör och skrivcoach samt ibland som spökskrivare. Jag arrangerar även workshops och andra kurser i kreativt skrivande. 

Since 2008, I have lived in Paris, France, with my husband and our two cats.

The passion for literature has always been there. I have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Lund University in Sweden and a Master in Literary Studies from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. My major at the Sorbonne was literature focusing on questions about gender and post-colonialism.

2016 tog jag även examen från Yrkesutbildningen för lektörer. Nu är jag kursansvarig och är handledare på Manusutvecklarutbildningen tillsammans med Ann Ljungberg. 

I have also studied art history, media and communication studies and other courses in creative writing at the university level. 

I have solid knowledge in text analysis and my education also allows me to put myself in the role of the author.

In 2005, I started as an editor and since then I have been working with texts in various forms, including as a web editor and journalist, copywriter, translator, proofreader and reviewer, and as a writer of my own texts.

Among other things, I have contributed to several chapters in the Swedish writing manuals “Fängsla dina läsare” (“Capture your readers”) and “Överraska dina läsare” (“Surprise your readers”), where the former is used in university-level creative writing courses. Both books are published by Chill Textstudio.