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Manuscript Services

Developmental Editing

As a developmental editor and book coach I work with fiction and non-fiction books in most genres.

My work with your manuscript is thorough. After having read the whole manuscript to get an overall view, it’s time for another reading where I focus in detail on components like plot, story structure, pace, how to show not tell, character arcs, point of view, setting and more.

When it comes to non-fiction books, I also look at the basic idea, the topic, the message of the text, audience and a number of other components.

In the margins of your manuscript where, as a coach, , I give you advice on how to take your text to the next level. You will also get a five- to ten-page report in which I give you advice, tips, inspiration and suggestions that will help you to further develop your text. My goal is to refine not only your unique manuscript and its strengths, but also to show you how it could be further developed.

First Chapter Analysis

When I analyze the first chapter of your manuscript, I take a deep dive into some components which are very important in the beginning of a book, such as the opening phrase, how characters are established, the narrator’s voice – not to forget how the conflict is presented. It is also important that the reader gets a glimpse of what is at stake in the story.

In addition to numerous comments in your text, I also write a report, consisting of around four pages, with help, advice and suggestions of how to sharpen your text.

Book Coaching 

I also offer book coaching, by mail or by Zoom, where I give continual feedback on your text.

This is a service for those of you who have not yet finished writing your book and who want help, advice, support, tips and inspiration along the way during the writing process to reach your goal of having written a complete book.

Feedback on Short Stories and Other Shorter Texts

Have you written a short text or a short story and need developmental help in the form of advice, tips and support?

Then this is the service for you.

Meet Me For Free on Zoom

Do you want to get to know me better and see if I am the right developmental editor or book coach for you? Then you can meet me for free on Zoom during a thirty-minute meeting where you can ask general questions about writing or - why not? - how I could help you to further develop your manuscript.

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